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Liudmyla Ivanivna


Liudmyla Ivanivna

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About project Patronage

From the beginning of russia´s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, there was an acute social problem. Many old people were left without proper support and treatment. Our volunteer team took on that challenge, and we started taking care of people who were unable to take care of their own. 

600 beneficiaries are currently under our care.

About person

Lyudmila Ivanovna is 91 years old. She served for 57 years as a teacher. She always talks about her work at school; she really loved her students and she was highly respected by them. She could find the right approach for almost all children. Even after she was no longer working, she received cakes and flowers. On her 90th birthday, a student living in Australia ordered her a huge bouquet of flowers.

In her childhood, she experienced the Second World War. She was frightened of war since then. She would never have thought she would have to cope with it once again. She has a cat that helps her maintain her psychological health.

Age: 91 years

Where from: Kharkiv, Shevchenkivskyi District


What we need money for

The food package includes: rice, pasta, peas, buckwheat, flour, canned meat and fish, canned corn and green peas, tea, cookies, noodles, cheese, butter, milk, pate and condensed milk. Additional medications.

We need a sum for a month: 3000 hryvnias.

We collect for 3 months ahead of time: 9000 hryvnias.

*If you donate more, the rest is transferred to the reserve fund for helping the others.


From Rescue Now team

Thank you for every hryvnia (or dollar, euro, pound, franc, lari, peso, shekel).
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In progress

July 2024



3 000₴