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Hanna Ivanivna


Hanna Ivanivna

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About project Patronage

From the beginning of russia´s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, there was an acute social problem. Many old people were left without proper support and treatment. Our volunteer team took on that challenge, and we started taking care of people who were unable to take care of their own. 

600 beneficiaries are currently under our care.

About person

Hanna is blind. Her sister living in the other district of the city is too. They don't have someone else. Nonetheless, the woman's apartment is tidy; she cooks and takes care of herself independently.

From the beginning of the war, Hanna is stressed permanently. Her house shakes, and her sharpened hearing detects all explosions nearby and far away. She tells us how she thought that she had a second stroke. Hanna had the luck that her neighbor gave her medicine to calm down a bit.

The woman has been working for 47 years old at the Ukrainian Association of the Blind. She memorized those times as happiness; she organized trips, parties, and concerts. And now the woman says all times seem happy if there would be no war.

Age: 74 years

Where from: Kharkiv, Industrialnyi District


What we need money for

The food package includes: rice, pasta, peas, buckwheat, flour, canned meat and fish, canned corn and green peas, tea, cookies, noodles, cheese, butter, milk, pate and condensed milk. Additional medications.

We need a sum for a month: 3000 hryvnias.

We collect for 3 months ahead of time: 9000 hryvnias.

*If you donate more, the rest is transferred to the reserve fund for helping the others.


From Rescue Now team

Thank you for every hryvnia (or dollar, euro, pound, franc, lari, peso, shekel).
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In progress

July 2024



3 000₴