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A mission of a million

Humanitarian aid

A mission of a million

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We have a mission of a million — to save deoccupied towns from the consequences of Russian occupation.

Izyum, Vovchansk, Savyntsi, Kupyansk, and Oskil are only five of almost 400 deoccupied towns that our Armed Forces of Ukraine fought for. 

Citizens of these towns lived steadily scared for half of the years. Thousands of houses are destroyed, and there is no running water, gas, or electricity. The peaceful life of people was destroyed. Our soldiers have saved these lands, and now it’s our turn to help the Ukrainians to survive and satisfy elementary needs in food, medicine, hygiene items, and equipment to prepare food and warm. 

What actually do we do? 

We announce Fundraising for UAH 1 000 000.

Why UAH 1,000,000?

That is how much it costs to cover people’s basic needs in Izyum, Savintsy, Oskol, Vovchansk, Kupyansk, and the surrounding areas. We will buy and distribute to people:

• 3 electric generators;
• 40 gas-burning stoves;
• 40 potbelly stoves;
• Preserves;
• Tea/Coffee;
• Water;
• Products for humanitarian packages; 
• Personal supplies and medicines;
• And also evacuate everyone who wishes to leave, including people with disabilities, people with reduced mobility, and the elderly.

What will happen when the fundraising is complete?

*These numbers are approximate, but we hope to achieve 100% of them.

• 500 people will be evacuated to safe places;
• 600 residents will be able to cook food on autonomous appliances;
• 800 people will receive humanitarian food aid;
• 400 citizens will be able to heat their homes autonomously;
• 100 residents will be provided with equipment for providing electricity (electric generators with a capacity of up to 5 kW).

We would be able not only to evacuate people but provide those who stay in winter in deoccupied towns with all the necessary things.


Raised1 024 710₴